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76% of young workers said that volunteering helped them develop leadership skills.1

Discover hidden talents of your staff through new experiences, approaches and ways of connecting.

67% of volunteer program participants experienced increased job satisfaction compared to 62% satisfaction rate of all employees before the volunteering program was in place.2

91% of HR managers believed that contributing expertise to a not-for-profit organisation could further develop an employee's skills.3

51% of employees believed that an employee volunteering program was the greatest contribution a company could make to a not-for-profit organisation, with only 37% stating financial donations.1

Raise awareness of what your business does by connecting and communicating across sectors.

It is well documented that corporate volunteering programs can improve a company's profile. The Centre for Volunteering (2008) found that in most companies surveyed, community relations were improved, the company's image was enhanced, and the program assisted the company to implement its core mission. The State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States (2009) by the Hitachi Foundation and Boston College Centre for Corporate Citizenship links business reputation to the bottom line.

Large companies, in particular, indicated that employee volunteering programs could positively affect public relations, branding and reputation.

More great reasons to get involved in volunteering:

Have fun and gain satisfaction in an alternative setting to the normal workplace.

Inspire others through the enthusiasm, generosity and can-do attitude of your employees.

Build new relationships with community groups, their volunteers and clients.

Strengthen existing relationships by employees connecting in new ways with colleagues.

Help stretch and save the time and resources of community organisations and enable increased levels of service delivery.

Learn something new by experiencing work in the community sector.

Increase health and well-being of your employees and the community.

1. Volunteer IMPACT Study in the United States by Deloitte and the Points of Light Foundation in 2007. 2. Good Companies, Better Employees study. 3. Deloitte's 2008 Volunteer IMPACT Study.