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Volunteering WA Corporate Volunteering

Our work with corporate volunteering has grown exponentially in recent years, with many wonderful companies taking the opportunity to use our services to find suitable volunteer projects.

We provide an excellent brokerage service to companies wishing to contribute to the community through volunteering. Below are some of the many employee volunteering services we offer:

Link teams of employees into volunteer positions

You have teams of employees wanting to volunteer together on a particular day?

Let Volunteering WA find the right opportunity. Our member organisations keep us posted regularly on positions they have available for corporate groups. We will source projects which are tailored to meet both the requirements of your specific team, and the needs of the community organisation.

Link employees with specialist skills

Would you like skills-based volunteer opportunities for staff with specialist skills?

Volunteering WA can tailor a skills-based volunteer program for your employees with skills in areas such as marketing, customer service, engineering, business analysis, and strategic planning.


No time to tee things up?

Volunteering WA can liaise with the community organisation to secure volunteer placements, organise logistics and finalise details. We will ensure all parties' needs are met in order to make your project a success.

Employee volunteering audit

You would like to involve your employees in volunteering activities but do not know where to begin?

Volunteering WA can conduct an audit to canvass the interests and passions of your employees. This information can be gathered by a combination of survey and focus groups.

Employee preparation

Are your employees ready to volunteer?

Volunteering WA can provide your employees with a 'Step into Volunteering' session that goes through the benefits of volunteering, types of volunteering opportunities available in the community, what to expect during the volunteer session, and the appropriate feedback following their volunteer experience.


Want to know how it went?

We can collect feedback from employee volunteers and the community organisation to determine your impact, and write a full evaluation report which will measure the success of your programs objectives. This information may be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

Volunteer opportunities for individuals

Employees would like to volunteer, but do not know where to start?

Volunteering WA can export our web-based search facility onto your web site so employees can readily locate volunteer positions. Volunteering boosts employee morale and increases their skills - an amazing variety of opportunities are available.

Fee for services

Corporate membership is a prerequisite for access to our wide range of products and services. A fee for each of our services will be negotiated according to need.

Please do not hesitate to contact the corporate volunteering team on 9482 4333 or email us for more information.

In 2006 Volunteering was worth $6.6 billion to the Western Australian economy, equivalent to 146,000 full time jobs

About Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA is the state peak body for volunteering. We aim to build strong communities through volunteering and provide a range of resources, services and support so that people in Western Australia are aware of, and understand, the nature and scope of volunteer activity. Find out more information on our vision, mission and values.

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Become a corporate member of Volunteering WA to access our extensive resources. Our team can specifically tailor an Employee Volunteering Program for your business.

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